Quicesa and Aquatic join forces to cover all the needs of the life cycle of the aquatic installation from its conception as a project to the exploitation of it


Design and calculate the facilities
Optimally execute new works
Knows the processes of maintenance and exploitation, essential requirement for the correct design, calculation and execution of the facilities
Proposes the best technical solutions and equipment in the execution of the work

Know the water, the installation and how to prevent or solve any physical, chemical or biological need
Design, select and optimize treatments and equipment to ensure maximum water quality
Helps to the conservation of the facilities and improvement of the processes (safety and hygiene, environment, …)
Apply solutions to save operating costs (chemical, energy, etc.)
Supports compliance with legislation


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  • Documentos
  • Consultoria

We collaborate with its prevention service in matters of safety, hygiene and environment, as well as in reduction of occupational risks according to the current regulations.

We design and implement complete self-control plans for installation.

Our technical team performs complete audits of its installation with which it is possible to prevent incidents and optimize the operating costs.

Water and air quality analytical services in all types of facilities including evaluation, interpretation reports and performance recommendations


  • Automatización
  • Proyectos

Design of technical rooms, equipment sizing, rehabilitation of technical rooms, design of APQ warehouses.

We carry out automation projects for aquatic installations in order to reduce costs, simplify processes and increase personnel safety.

Facilities and technical assistance

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  • Piscina-P

Realization of new installations or remodeling and refurbishing of installations in operation.

The definitive solution for the waterproofing of pool glasses, water tanks, etc.

With our deep aeration systems we end up with the usual problems in ponds and lakes, we also recover the natural habitat and improve the appearance and quality of the water.

Our technical team carries out changes of filtering masses in pool filters, water treatment plants, etc.

We carry out maintenance contracts for filtration and water treatment equipment, including periodic revisions.

We offer after-sales service once the installation is underway with immediate response throughout the Peninsular national territory.

Logistics and storage

The PSG is a plan designed to ensure the service committed to our customers, in which there are supply routes in their territory with weekly delivery days pre-set.
Quicesa has a fleet of cisterns suitable for the particular needs of its installation.

We develop storage facilities, supply of deposits and transfer without charge.

The technical department of Quicesa is at your disposal to ensure compliance with the regulations on storage of chemical products APQ.

We have a long history through which we have earned the trust of large customers in all types of facilities